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Tips To Increase Brand Exposure With TikTok

    There’s no denying that TikTok is the new app that has been blowing up in 2020. With well over millions of monthly active users and the average user spending just under an hour per day on the app, these are some severe traffic numbers that are hard to ignore. If you are under the assumption that this app is just for bored teens who have nothing better to do with their time than dance around to silly songs, think again. The app is now attracting people of all different ages, celebrities, professional athletes, and big-time brands to buy TikTok likes. This article will dive into what the TikTok app is, how TikTok works for brands and influencers, how you can use the app to drive traffic to your website or brand, and the type of content that does well on the platform. TikTok is still very much a music/video dance app. It’s the beginning to evolve with all the innovative and catchy trends occurring every day. The reality is that TikTok is colossal, and within the event that your business has any online presence, at that time, you would like to possess a deep understanding of it.


    TikTok’s user base is currently experiencing massive growth. With the current increase in mobile users and traffic, it presents immense opportunities for brands to tap into flurry traffic. Companies and brands who have decided to get on TikTok have grown their following much quicker than other platforms they are on and with minimal capital. TikTok perfectly fits the mold for brands such as the NBA, and they have made the smart decision to start sharing their content on the app. It has helped them gain millions of followers and over 200+ million likes. Those are some serious numbers for being on the app for less than a year. TikTok can help brands position themselves inside a new and evolving digital movement and capture the attention of an ever-changing younger demographic.

    TikTok For Influencers

    Most people immediately begin to compare TikTok to other popular apps like Instagram and YouTube. Still, the app is much more different in the way it brings traffic to people’s content. Unlike YouTube and Instagram, where you have to grind and work the algorithm to get followers, comments, likes, and subscribers, TikTok has a much different approach. TikTok rewards unique content and truly values the viral element. It allows new users to have a much more level playing field when getting their content discovered. All it can take is a few short videos for your content to get discovered, not hundreds, until the YouTube algorithm decides it’s your time to shine. Going beyond that, TikTok is currently in the process of testing to allow all users to include a link to their website in their bio section. This could enable a new traffic avenue for brands and smaller-scale influencers to grow their business.

    TikTok For Advertisers

    If, for some reason, you aren’t convinced about the utility and effectiveness of TikTok, find out for yourself what advertisers are already doing. The ads are already under use by many large scale brands that have realized the massive exposure and power you can gain from the platform. The real power behind the ads is not only their massive and growing user base but the fact that they can tap into individual influencers who already have a strong following behind them. This combination allows brands to have a deeper connection with audiences, making their brand that much stronger.

    Wrapping up

    TikTok is not like other social networks. While other social networks take time to build and reach an audience, TikTok doesn’t. It has two very viral elements to it than most other social networks. They are the aspect of pop-culture and trend culture which are in combined equal speed. You don’t have to wait to build up an audience. If you are unique and have something that grabs others’ attention, it’s only a matter of time until you have an audience. The type of content that does well on TikTok is very current to what is going on in music, entertainment, and gossip. Video clips that tend to generate the most traffic include music and dancing that are easy to replicate by many people.